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Thinking alternative for the humanity

UX Design

We design front end user experiances for more human like behaviours in feedback from applications.


We follow development process of a system/ application which takes less time to create dynamic systems with scalable features.


We provide REST APIs for developers to build their own systems like the system built by ASDTechLtd.


We provide consultancy for IT solutions to business owners and also developers following new technologies.

About Us

DESIGN - 90%

60% Complete


95% Complete


60% Complete


60% Complete

API - 10%

10% Complete

We have started our journey from 2016. As a new born company our co-founders has outstanding skills and experiences for creating cutting edge technology implementation and building new furture for the people. We have developers who are working both on site and remotely for the company. We value our people and make a fair business who wants to make some difference to accept new changes and challenges.

This company has 3 co-founders who work very hard to keep the company values perfectly and visions to achieve. We already have many requests to develop small to big systems where we make simplicity for more human like behaviours from the systems.


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Latest Works

Our most popular product is the MarketPlex - an e-commerce application that will make an owner of online super shopping complex. Some of our products are business eco systems. Some web applications and REST API services are developed using Laravel framework, Blade templating and Google Polymers. Laravel and Blade templating together creates dynamic web applications which are generally user based systems, but if its cooked with Google Polymer then its become awesome and powerful. We have successfully created that recipes and blending of technologies to our future works. Let's see how the future is designed!

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Student Union Portfolio of AIT

with Laravel, Blade and Google Polymer

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Market Plex

with Laravel framework and Blade

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Film Stripes
Coming soon ...

with Laravel and Google Polymer

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Crystal Portfolio
Coming soon ...

with Laravel and Google Polymer

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Chord Master
Coming soon ...

with Laravel and Google Polymer

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PayBills BD

with Laravel and Google Polymer


You can join our dev team forums or for saving valuable time to meet you can contact or drop your mail to our mailbox for consultancy.

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Future web solutions of business are designed here culturing new technologies. You can share your ideas or problems that you want overcome and need IT solutions you can keep us to your contact list.

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